Moss Treatment

Before you try to control moss it is usually better to identify why moss is appearing in your lawn. Solving the reasons why moss develops in your lawn may help reduce the amount of moss that appears in subsequent years. Moss, which does not have roots, obtains its nutrients from moisture. Moss thrives in damp and shady areas. Moss will rapidly develop in lawns that have thatch. Damp thatch acts as a perfect environment for moss to develop. Compacted soil or poorly drained soil which can be a feature of heavy clay soils tends to have a damp surface that offers a perfect environment for moss spores to develop. Areas of lawn that have been scalped or areas that have thin growth will also be quickly colonised with moss.

If you have compacted soil the lawn needs to be aerated regularly. Thatch will also need to be removed by scarification. Simple raking of the lawn while removing the moss will not remove the thatch. Scarification should follow an application of moss control. If you rake your lawn while the moss is still alive and green you will be spreading the moss spores across your lawn. Once Essential Lawn Care have applied moss control it should be left for two weeks until the moss has turned brown / black. We will then arrange to return to scarify and aerate your lawn.

Removing the conditions that encourage moss to develop will reduce the possibility of moss returning. However if you have a heavy soil and or shaded areas in your garden then you will always have to be vigilant.

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