Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below some of our more frequently asked questions. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for here then please feel free to contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help.

When is the best time to start the service?

You can start our service any time of year, there is never a bad time to start treating and improving a lawn.

What about my gardener?

We work with gardeners to create healthy, beautiful lawns. We do not cut grass and they generally don’t have the qualifications, insurance and access to the right products to effectively treat lawns.

Why not buy products from garden centres?

The professional seasonal fertilisers we use are specific for lawns and grassed areas and will feed your lawn up to 3 times longer (8-10 weeks) than the average garden centre fertiliser. Our herbicides will also control a broader range of weeds for longer.

All of the products we use are of professional standard and are very effective. Please note these products are not easily available to the general public, landscapers and local gardening companies and we have specialist licences to handle and use these products.

Is it safe?

Being a domestic treatment service we are more than aware of possible concerns for family, pets and surrounding areas. None of the treatments we use are a problem to you, your children or your pets when applied correctly by trained and competent staff.

Please be assured that all of our staff are trained and licensed professionals who are able to comprehensively answer any questions you may have regarding them.

I don't think my lawn can be saved should I still try the service?

Definitely, homeowners are constantly amazed to see what they thought was a lawn beyond saving transformed into a beautiful lawn.

When will I notice the difference?

You will start to notice a considerable difference within a couple of weeks.

Do I have to be in when you call?

The majority of our customers are not at home when we call to treat the lawn. As long as we have access to the lawns we can treat them. If you want to be in when we call at your home to treat the lawn, we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Is there a contract to sign?

Simply – no! Use the service for as long as you wish. Just pay for each treatment when it is completed.